David Horowitz

Its midnight in America. 


We have a President who was raised, trained and brought to national prominence by anti-American radicals who want to “fundamentally transform our country” and has already taken huge steps to implement their schemes.

We have a Chief Executive who is determined to bankrupt this country at home and bring it to its knees abroad. He has deliberately lost two American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and betrayed the lives of the young Americans who sacrificed their lives there for what they thought was the cause of liberty and national security.

We have a commander-in-chief who has lost Egypt, the most important country in the Middle East, and who is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, a Nazi-inspired organization whose stated goals are the destruction of Israel and the United States. A commander-in-chief who has run guns to al-Qaeda in Libya, leading to the death of our ambassador and three American heroes he left to die on the battlefield. A commander-in-chief who has lied to the American people about these crimes and who refuses to provide information to duly constituted congressional committees about what happened.

We have a commander-in-chief who has made America an international laughing stock through his cowardice in dealing with the Syrian dictator and a Russian aggressor in central Europe, who has set America on a course of enabling the Iranian Mullahs to acquire nuclear weapons. A leader who has made the world a far more dangerous place for his country and its citizens.

Barack Obama is a brazen, compulsive, serial liar about matters of the utmost gravity.  He is a habitual, pathological, calculated violator of the American Constitution, who has directed the IRS to use the taxing power of the state to crush his conservative opposition, and to remove the resistance to his plans for a one-party socialist state.

But right now, in the midst of this onslaught, this campaign to cripple our nation and destroy the First Amendment foundations of the world’s most democratic state, conservatives refer to Obama and his radical supporters as “liberals” – providing them with camouflage for their anti-American agendas instead of confronting them for who they are.

We will have an election in November.  But the battle for America is being fought –and so far lost--every day. One reason we are losing is because we refuse to call things by their right names. The Democrats are calling us racists, sexists, homophobes, Islamophobes, uncaring and bigoted. And we are calling them “liberals.” And that is the problem with the whole way we approach the political war with the left. And why the left has been making such gains. We are confronting their bazookas with fly-swatters; we are not prepared to fight.

If conservatives are not prepared to respond to the attacks from the left  in the manner they deserve – if conservatives are not prepared to fight fire with fire -- our country is doomed. This writing is all over the wall of our national life. You cannot win a political argument if you call illiberal, intolerant, anti-American, bigoted, hate-mongers like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid “liberals.” If you do that, you’ve already lost. And yet that is exactly what conservatives and Republicans are doing day in and day out in campaign after campaign. 

We have a plan to change all that, to turn conservatives’ heads around and get them to fight back.

The fact is that too many conservatives still don’t get it. They don’t relish a fight and a fight is what’s called for in a situation like the one our country is in. Conservatives are too intent on proposing “solutions” – budgetary and otherwise – that reasonable people will accept. But our opponents are not reasonable.  They are missionaries and ideologues who think they can change the world. They think that if they acquire enough power (through the taxing functions of the state) they can compel the rest of us to follow their dictates. It’s as simple as that.

Conservatives still don’t understand this, otherwise they would not be proposing elaborate “budgets” they have no power to implement but which provide their enemies with numerous targets to attack.

We have been preaching this message to Republicans and conservatives for many many years. And with some success. But the 11th hour has arrived and the time for us to step up the political fight is now. 

The Time Is Now

That’s why we are making this appeal to you. We need to make a big push before the November 2014 elections to get as many American patriots and political activists as we can to understand what is happening and what needs to be done to fight this adversary. We need to do everything we can in the next few months and into the next two years to arm ourselves for the battle to save our country.

The first step is a book that David Horowitz has written and that Regnery will publish on July 28. The book is called Take No Prisoners: The Battle Plan for Defeating the Left, and it tells how to fight this battle. It tells how to go for the hearts of American voters so that their minds will follow. It tells how to neutralize the Democrats’ vicious attacks. It tells how to turn the “liberals’” guns around by shoving their victims’ sufferings in their faces, and pinning their crimes where they belong -- on them. Here’s a sample: “Every inner city in American is 100% controlled by the Democratic Party and liberals, and has been for 50-100 years. Everything that policy can affect in the inner city – schools, jobs, public safety – Democrats and progressives are 100% responsible for. Democrats and progressives are crushing the life chances out of millions poor black and Hispanic children, and have been for nearly 100 years.” (And Republicans and conservatives have let them get away with it, have never made them pay a political price for it.)

Democratic strategist Chris Lehane summed up the Democrats’ political strategy by quoting Mike Tyson: “Everyone has a game plan until you punch them in the mouth.”

Democrats are punching conservatives and Republicans in the mouth every chance they get. Meanwhile, Republicans and conservatives are busily explaining how practical their solutions to many problems are. Is it any wonder they are getting their heads handed to them?

Take No Prisoners is the strategy solution to the political problem Republicans and conservatives face, and thus to the crisis our country confronts. Take No Prisoners explains how to punch “liberals” in their mouths every time they open them. Shove their victims in their faces. Never let them forget who suffers under their policies. Pull no punches, go for the jugular and remember that the political war is about raw emotions not pie charts and sensible budgets. That is a summary of Horowitz’s advice.

We need to get this book into the hands of every conservative activist we can reach, as quickly as possible. And we need money to buy the books so we can do that. Regnery has given us a 70% discount off the cover price, so if we can buy the books we can also sell them and make money to underwrite our giveaway programs to legislators and activitists.

We are building a training program – Take No Prisoners Campaigns -- to go along with the book and will be training young activists and conservative political operatives in how to implement its principles. We will have a staff of professional political operatives to conduct the training and spread the message. I have attached one of the training sheets that Horowitz has already drawn up. We will be developing 30-second TV campaign spots and political messaging programs to go along with the training. Our principal organizer is Lonny Leitner a seasoned political operative who ran Cathy McMorris’ successful congressional campaign. McMorris is now the top-ranked woman in the Republican caucus.

In Take No Prisoners Horowitz tells us that we deal with the opposition’s attacks not by the hand wringing defensiveness that so often characterizes conservative politics but by telling the truth and making it hurt.  Since Barack Obama took office, the poor are worse off, minorities are worse off, the country is more racially divided, and in worse economic condition and the world is a more dangerous place for all Americans.

Take No Prisoners is the call to arms we have all been waiting for and might be the most important book Horowitz has ever written. If conservatives can be made to listen to what Horowitz says and adopt his strategies of political warfare we might be able to bring America back from the brink. But we need your help to do it.

Because Take No Prisoners takes on the political world directly, the Center’s role in promoting it has to be limited, particularly in the hostile environment created by a criminally partisan I.R.S. (The IRS audited us last year as part of its war against conservative non profits; we defeated this effort but we know they’re waiting for another opportunity.) As part of the decision to fight fire with fire, we have set up a sister organization to the Center, “Take No Prisoners Campaigns.”

To launch the Take No Prisoners campaign, get the books in the hands of the activists, set up the new website, organize the training programs and training seminars, we need $100,000. We know that you are in the fight for our country’s future; we are counting on your support. But we need to be clear: These are political dollars and are not tax deductible. These dollars are the ammunition Take No Prisoners Campaigns will use to fight the political war to take our country back.

Your contribution is an investment in the future of this country – in freedom.  The left will destroy it if you let them. And once they have your freedom they won’t give it back. 

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